25 septembre 2020

Holidays are essential for every active human being, and part of the success of activities and businesses (Freelancer vacation).

For a freelancer, the risk of not having time to rest is great. But for every self-employed, it is essential to have a rest for him to resume his breaths.

How important are vacations to a freelancer? (Freelancer vacation)

The first thing to do for a successful vacation is to take it.

Your clients have the right to take vacations, but it is important for you as an independent worker to do the same. Each freelancer needs to recharge their batteries before going back to work. Ultimately it’s an investment in yourself. It doesn’t have to be a month in the Maldives or two weeks in Bora Bora in the most expensive hotels. You can go for a simple vacation with reasonable costs.

In addition, taking a little time to get away from it all fosters perspective and innovation. Experience your vacation a bit like a market study, but in the sun!

You need to find the right work-life balance to be successful in your business. This is done by taking time for yourself and clearing your mind.

By working alone, you usually have work all year round, so don’t wait for a quieter time to give yourself a vacation: it won’t always come.

Businessman sitting on a bech working on his laptop.

Go on vacation in peace!


You should consider that some events may occur in your absence, some that are predictable. The key is to anticipate in order to be completely calm. Before leaving, settle what can be settled (payment, transfer, various deadlines …)

Finish your projects and deliver what is possible so that you will leave with a free spirit.

Also remember to bring the minimum of work with you: problems can arise and you must remain reachable, otherwise you risk becoming anxious and not relaxing.


In order for your customers to respect your break, you need to let them know you’re on vacation. No one should look for you while you are away.

Report the date of your availability via an absence indicator by email. And if possible, indicate the contact to reach in case of emergency.

Finally, vacations are also a way to find new customers or new opportunities.