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Cédric R
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Cloud Consultant / Cloud Architect
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Cédric R en quelques mots

As a cloud architect, I have extensive experience working in complex projects. I designed and managed the Orange E-mail migration (30 million mailboxes) on private cloud. This international project involved 3 foreign software editors. At technical level, I planned the new infrastructure’s stack and piloted it with our team in Romania.

In the hybrid cloud context, I proposed strategy (database Services). My approach took in account security rules, data compliance, business needs. All milestones have been deeply discussed with security, development, expert and management teams. We succeeded because of my knowledge of processes, rules, organisation and technology. An interconnexion pattern for public cloud has been born following this work.

My last position in the “move to cloud” team was to find the best practices and help internal projects to use it in private and public cloud. I was the point of contact for functional and business teams about the cloud offers (licence, price, availability, security, integration).

I want to go forward on cloud technology (public and private cloud) deeply in move to cloud strategy. I am ready to be accountable for this huge challenge (cost optimisation, technical landscape, process impact and human).


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