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Stéphane d France GDPR & PMO Stratégie, Performance et Digitalisation & Agile organization
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I have acquired expertise in 6 complementary fields of value creation :

  1. 1.     Compliance with the GDPR    => how to become compliant with the GDPR regulation? 

    2.   Project management, transformation, & change management    => how to accelerate and reduce the cost of projects and transformation?

    3.       Process modeling and improvement    => how to improve processes to achieve strategic performance objectives?

    4.       Operational and IT risk management    => how to reduce the cost of incidents and the risk of a black swan?

    5.      Digital transformation and application development    => how to digitize an organization or processes to create value through digital opportunities?

    6.       Agile organization    => how to create an organization that supports change and value creation instead of slowing it down? 


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    PMO - Strategy, Performance and digitalization

    janvier 2014 - novembre 2020


    Design and development of a suite of SAAS applications and a marketplace that accelerates transformation and performance improvement :
    => Define the vision/mission, strategic objectives, business model and positioning through analysis of:
    – global and technological trends
    – exponential business attributes and new business models
    – feedback from clients on their concerns and objections
    – SWOT, Business model canvas, Blue Ocean, risk analysis, profitability structure, … through workshops

    => Cascade strategic objectives into KPIs, strategic capabilities and project portfolio,

    => Manage and optimize the performance of corporate project portfolios thanks to :
    – The implementation of best practices in ergonomics and development
    – Eliminating sources of time loss
    – The improvement of the software architecture and the creation of a configuration page for undefined options
    – Prioritize projects based on potential gains and value created for clients

    => Create a Next Generation high-performing Organization Architecture program that structures the implementation of such organizations in 8 phases
    => Design and optimize transformation and adaptation processes using the Lean-Six Sigma method, then manage the automation and integration of all modules in order to digitize, streamline and create synergies between all those processes
    => Create the functional specifications of the different applications of the platform
    => Manage all development projects in agile mode with constant validation with customers
    => Research and remove performance bottlenecks and reasons for customer rejections
    => Create a marketing and sales tunnel with KPIs at every step for continuous improvement

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    GDPR Consultant (5 projects)

    février 2018 - février 2020


    – Diagnosis and management of compliance actions:
    – Assistance of the RGPD referent
    – Record of processing activities
    – Creation of employee data protection notices and customer data protection notices
    – Review of legal documents: employment contract, invoice, contract for services or general terms and conditions
    – Implementation of the new processes with the creation of procedures and forms:
    – Processing of requests to exercise the rights of the data subjects,
    – Management of personal data breaches.
    – Mapping of applications and all IT systems containing personal data,
    – Analysis of security risks, and recommendations on the means to be implemented,
    – Production of a document presenting the technical and organizational means implemented to secure personal data.
    – Awareness and training of employees – Creation of a personalized training material
    – Industrialization of the approach with the creation :
    – a precise list of obligations and data required for compliance and questions to be asked by email at the beginning of the compliance process,
    – templates of procedures, contracts, data breach registers, forms and training support,
    – Analysis of acceleration factors and activities that can be optimized or digitized for compliance,
    – Capitalization of search results in a database.

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    Cardif Lux Vie

    GDPR compliance project management

    avril 2018 - octobre 2018


    – Completion of a GDPR compliance diagnosis and a dashboard presenting the progress achieved
    – Establishment of an action plan,
    – Coordination of actors
    – Support the DPO on the regulatory aspect of the regulation.
    – Analysis of non-compliance risks and prioritization of actions
    – Creation of a mapping of the company with its processes, applications, data, documents, and contracts
    – Oversee the updating of contracts and company documents by the legal department
    – Implementation of new processes, procedures and registers: record of processing activities, processing of customer requests for the exercise of their rights, management of personal data breaches
    – Review of the contractual relationship with agents and brokers in terms of sub-contractors or controllers
    – Support from the purchasing department in terms of relations with subcontractors and the controls to be carried out
    – Verification of the compliance of the processing of health and other sensitive data
    – DPAI: Analysis of data protection risks and the impact on data subjects
    – Define a strategy for the deletion of all documents and data in all systems, archives and applications of the organization after the retention period
    – Definition and prioritization of all the impacts of the RGPD on the information system in the short and medium term

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