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Publiée le 17 février 2021


Description de la mission

We are looking to recruit following profile: Core technologies

  • PWA
  • Java
  • Appian
  • Mendix
  • Experience in mobile development
  • PowerApps
  • Microsoft Intune

Required level of expertise:

  •  4/GL developing : 7 years including 3 years of Mendix experience.
  • Mobile development : 5 years experience.

The level of expertise will be determined in an interview

From every associate we expect :

  • Sense for responsibility
  • Good communication skills.
  • Takes initiatives
  • Can introduces new things ( technical or way of working )
  • Can explain why certain best practice should be applied
  • Does the extra mile when necessary
  • Can stand up in the team
  • Can work independently
  • Working in the same time zone as customer
  • Has good knowledge of source control ( git ) and applies unit testing

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