Développeur Fullstack Nodejs / Reactjs

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Publiée le 6 mai 2020


Description :
Recherche Développeurs fullstack nodejs / reactjs

Objectif :

Goal is to work on new modules and UX /UI improvements of our web applications. The roadmap is based on user feedback (new features, speed, simplicity), and based on the needs of the application to be more modulable.

Contexte :

– Weekly sprints ensure we are on track.
– Experienced CTO and Product lead to coordinate local and remote teams
– Trello + Pivotal Tracker + Slack
– Clear pull requests on Bitbucket and excellent code coverage
– The app is currently used by several thousands users in their job and has a real positive impact on their productivity

– Senior in Javascript, advanced in ReactJS and NodeJS
– Experienced / rigorous : Clean code and several meaningful examples of former projects.
– Clear English or French communication skills
– Autonomy : This remote job implies a lot of focus and a self assessment on results and quality
– Empathy with the end users
– Pragmatism : We ship if it’s better than the current version
– UI/ UX : This is a tool users rely on for their daily job. It has to be trustable, simple and clear.

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