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Publiée le 1 avril 2021


Description de la mission


In collaboration with technical service providers, she/he is a main contributor to the definition of the Technical strategy for a given product.

Contribute to the definition of the Reference Architecture, strategic technical orientations and roadmaps, mainly, but not limited to, on the scope of a defined product. She/he pays attention to maximize foundations standards (products managed in 1SYS catalog)

Ensure the alignment between IT Architecture and business goals (business needs, NFR) when products are required, developed and deployed

Build reusable Architecture patterns and blueprints, managed in a shared repository

Pay attention to, follow, and evaluate the technological evolutions, developments and deployments of the market in link with IT Platform teams

Contribute to maintain & manage our products / applications portfolio / referential in CMDB

Within the product team, she/he is the Technical Architect covering all stacks (Integration, Infrastructure,Security) for the products in her/his perimeter:

Work with the product architect to define the architecture runway for the products she/he’s working on and lead the execution of this runway with the delivery squads.

Support, explain, promote and communicate Technical Architecture patterns and blueprints and standards evolutions and strategy

Design the architecture across all technical layers taking into account the ecosystem in which his products will operate, the product lifecycle and operability concerns to ensure products will be operable. This work is done within product delivery squads mainly with Tech leads. The technical strategy and roadmap will be the guiding principles

Manage the architecture runway on his products to deliver the required enablers supporting business ambitions and needs. It has to be done with the product architect and must end up in the product backlog. Obsolescence of all underlying technical components is part of this process and waiver are granted when applicable

Propose new studies to cover needs for which standard solutions are irrelevant. This set of studies must be part of the architecture runway. Some outcomes could be eligible to become standard solutions and has to be pushed to the DCSI tech communities by the fullstack architect

Animate the decision-making process for his products: from identification of decisions to take to resolution up to communication. Good decisions are understood and support by teams, the fullstack architect plays a key role here.

Provide the « just right » Architecture document to help communicate how the product was designed and knowledge sharing with product teams

Organize all architecture ceremonies recommended by the Continuous Architecture approach in coordination with the product architect (such as weekly architecture, scoping 360, architecture design workshops, …)

Within the DCSI Architect network, she/he promotes and contributes to innovation and global IS/IT strategy deployment:

Support, share & promote technical architecture patterns and blueprints to the architecture community, standards evolutions and strategy to the architecture community

Engage the architecture community to solve complex problems through co-design, kata sessions

Engage the community in peer reviews to get feedback and benefit from the community experience/skills

Contribute to software packages sourcing

Lead or contribute to Technical Solutions sourcing

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