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Publiée le 4 juin 2020


Description de la mission

Responsibilities :

During the definition of the project

Design of data ingestion chains

Design of data preparation chains

Design of basic ML algorithms

Data product design

Design of NOSQL data models

Data visualization design

Participation in the selection of services / solutions to be used according to usage

Participation in the development of a data toolbox

During the iterative realization phase

Implementation of data ingestion chains

Implementation of data preparation chains

Implementation of basic ML algorithms

Implementation of data visualizations

Use of ML framework

Implementation of data products

Exhibition of data products

Configuration of NOSQL databases

Distributed processing implementation

Use of functional languages

Debugging distributed processing and algorithms

Identification and cataloging of reusable items

Contribution to the evolution of work standards

Contribution and advice on data processing problems

During integration and deployment

Participation in problem solving

During serial life

Participation in the monitoring of Operations

Participation in problem solving


·         Leadership  

Managing junior technology resources 

·         Business sense 

Good knowledge of industry perspective 

·         Analytics skills 

Interest in innovative technologies and desire to work on pioneering engagements 

·         Methodological competence, e.g., agile software and test-driven development  

·         Degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or other relevant engineering 

·         Strong drive and motivation 

·         Fluent in English (verbal and written)

·         Expertise in the implementation of end-to-end data processing chains

·         Mastery of distributed development

·         Basic knowledge and interest in the development of ML algorithms

·         Knowledge of ingestion frameworks

Apache beam

·         Knowledge of Beam and its different execution modes on DataFlow

Batch or streams

·         Knowledge of Spark and its different modules

·         Mastery of Java (+ Scala and Python)

Python ok, Java

·         Knowledge of the GCP ecosystem DataProc, DataFlow, BigQuery, Pub-Sub, PostgreSQL/Composer, Cloud Functions, StackDriver)

·         Knowledge of the use of Solace

·         Knowledge of Spotfire & Dynatrace

·         Knowledge of the ecosystem of NOSQL databases

·         Knowledge in building data product APIs

·         Knowledge of Dataviz tools and libraries

·         Ease in debugging Beam (+ Spark) and distributed systems

·         Popularization of complex systems

·         Control of the use of data notebooks

·         Expertise in data testing strategies

·         Strong problem-solving skills, intelligence, initiative and ability to resist pressure

·         Excellent interpersonal skills and great communication skills (ability to go into detail)

General role:

Contribute to the business value of Data-oriented products based on on-premise Datalake or on cloud environments, by implementing end-to-end data processing chains, from ingestion to API exposure and data visualization.

General responsibility: Quality of data transformed in the Datalake, proper functioning of data processing chains and optimization of the use of resources of on-premise or cloud clusters by data processing chains.

General skills: Experience in the implementation of end-to-end data processing chains and Big data architectures in the Cloud (GCP) mastery of languages ​​and frameworks for the processing of massive data in particular in Streaming Mode (Beam DataFlow , Java, Spark / Scala / DataProc). Practice agile methods.

Compétences Techniques Requises

Data scientists ScalaData scientists Spark


Lead tech

À propos du Donneur d'ordres

Hayet B
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